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When your aged loved ones are facing certain medical conditions and challenges that are beyond your abilities, leaving you helpless in looking after them at home, hiring a certified nursing assistant could be just the solution you are looking for. Most seniors have a sense of belonging and attachment to things, taking them away from their home could even further deteriorate their condition. 1st Agency understands this very well, and so does our nursing staff; they are qualified professionals who will make sure that your elders are looked after and are on the road to recovery.   

When you decide you hire a caregiver for your elder loved ones, be sure that you are getting the right service, as there are home health aides, in-home care services, live-in care services along with others. Almost all these services deliver more or less the same care, but their area of expertise could vary. And for an aging senior who doesn’t have any serious medical condition except for old age itself, hiring a certified nursing assistant care might be the best option.

1st Agency’s Certified Nursing Assistant

1st Agency’s certified nursing assistant is a step above the average home health aide. They are able to perform several medical tasks like changing dressings, administering minor treatments, clearing catheters along with providing ambulatory assistance. Our certified nursing assistant is also capable of providing personalized care, like dressing, feeding, bathing, and bathroom assistance.    

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