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We all love our seniors, but at times they can be a bit difficult to deal with, especially if they’re battling from dementia. As we watch our loved ones progress through the stages of some sort of dementia, it could turn out emotionally stressful and equally challenging. But it’s never too late to call for help. 1st Agency is your trusted help for dementia patients – we specialize in dementia care, which allows seniors to get the care they are in dire need of without compromising on their dignity or independence. 1st Agency aims at helping you and your loved ones. Therefore, dementia care is offered on a flexible hourly or in-house basis for your convenience.

Nursing Care For Dementia Patients

As dementia takes a grip, the intricate care needs of your senior loved ones may be too much for you to handle alone. This is where our in-house nursing care comes in. The changes in personality, behavioral issues, and extreme irritability could have a toll on the members of the family who are responsible for taking care of the senior. 1st Agency offers respite to all family members as our caregivers are professionally trained to take care of seniors suffering from dementia. We offer the following dementia services:

  • Providing medication reminders along with prescription-pick up
  • Preparing nutritious meals according to dietary preferences
  • Helping with dressing, bathing, and grooming to minimize falls and accidents in the bathroom
  • Offering careful monitoring to minimize the risk of wandering
  • Encouraging seniors to participate in conversation and games for memory care
  • Providing companionship to reduce feelings of depression and paranoia

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