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Specialized Home Care Assistance For Diabetes Patients

Diabetes, whether type one or two, could lead to permanent nerve damage, blindness, and kidney disease, and these are only some of the complications that come along with diabetes. Knowing that your senior loved ones are struggling with diabetes could be emotionally challenging, but worry not because you’re not alone. 1st Agency is here to stand by your side by making sure to provide exceptional assisted living for Diabetes patients so we can work together and prevent their condition from worsening. Managing diabetes will require a lot of work, which includes a change in lifestyle, change in sleeping patterns, change in eating habits, change in overall routine and timely administration of medications – all this could be a bit too overwhelming for home caregivers. Therefore, our home care assistance for diabetes patients will make sure that your loved ones get the required care and attention they need to fight and control diabetes.

1st Agency Offering Trusted Assistance For Diabetes Patients

Diabetes has no cure, and the only way to control the diseases is to regulate it by continual medication and management. Complications in this medical condition could make it very difficult for older adults to care for themselves and to perform daily household tasks. 1st Agency provides in-home support and care to senior adults who’re facing health complications from diabetes. For years our team of dedicated caregivers has provided exceptional and personalized diabetes care services while not compromising on the independence of seniors so both their physical and mental health stay positive.  

we provide the following home care services for diabetes patients

  • Assisting with grooming, bathing, dressing and feeding
  • Assisting with medication management
  • Assisting with mobility (walking, brisk walking, a bed to chair or wheelchair transfers)
  • Assisting with making bathroom trips (day and midnight)

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