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Providing Exceptional In-Home Care After Open Heart Surgery

Open-heart surgery is probably one of the most complex surgical procedures performed only by seasoned and trained heart surgeons. People who’ve undergone such an operation are often considered to be given a “second life.” But, one can’t deny the time and support needed to recover from such a surgery. After being discharged from the hospital, the doctors will probably hand over a long list of dos and don’ts which members of the family must follow at every step. From meal plans, exercising to routine medications, it could be a bit overwhelming for family caregivers. This is where 1st Agency comes in. Our in-home caregivers after open-heart surgery will make sure that your loved ones who have already gone through a lot are looked after, follow every instruction from their doctor, and get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Let Us Help You Take Care of Your Open-Heart Surgery Loved Ones

We offer exceptional personal in-home care services after open-heart surgery in Palm Beach. Our professional and trained caregivers will make sure that your loved ones are getting all the attention they need while also significantly minimizing the risk of hospital readmission.

Open Heart Surgery Care Not Only Limited To Seniors

It is a common perception among people that only seniors could undergo such critical surgeries, and only seniors require Open-Heart Surgery Care. This isn’t true at all! Our caregivers primarily focus on providing essential Open-Heart Surgery Care, which means they’ll be able to help out with daily tasks such as getting dressed, bathing using the bathroom, preparing meals, and making sure that all follow-up appointments are timely met.

1st Agency’s Open-Heart Surgery Caregivers are experienced in offering professional, at-home recovery care for every adult - not just the seniors. We completely understand the need for personalized care in an open-heart surgery recovery process; that’s why we train our caregivers to listen to the needs of the patients first and then assist them with respect, professionalism, and patience.   

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