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Specialized Parkinson’s home health care

People whose loved ones are suffering from Parkinson’s must be aware of the deteriorating nature of this neurodegenerative disorder. Some patients experience a slow decline in body functioning over months or years, while others might feel severe changes overnight. Getting diagnosed with Parkinson’s could be disheartening and frightening for both the family members and the senior, but we want to know that you’re not alone in this. 1st Agency provides professional and experienced Parkinson’s caregivers who will make sure that your senior loved ones get the high-quality care they deserve according to their preferences, abilities, and needs. Our home health care schedules are very flexible, as there are no long-term contracts involved.

1st Agency Providing Exceptional And Trusted Parkinson’s Home Health Care

We’ve been dealing with patients suffering from Parkinson’s for years. Therefore, our caregivers aren’t only trained in assisting your loved ones with therapy exercises and bed to wheelchairs transfers; they are well aware of the fact that Parkinson’s care is much more than managing muscle pains, tremors, and helping with limited mobility. 1st Agency is all about helping your senior loved ones maintain their independence, confidence, and dignity. Our Parkinson’s caregivers (under their supervision) will allow your loved ones to do as much as they can on their own, only offering hep as needed, so the sense and feeling of self-worth are renewed in seniors while keeping them active.

Family Caregivers aren’t typically aware of the complexity of this medical condition. Therefore, they place unrealistic demands, which only causes emotional pain for the caregiver as well as the senior. Our Professional Parkinson’s caregivers not only support your senior loved ones who are battling Parkinson’s, but also, they will emotionally boost you and your family during this tough time, so as a family, you could stand strong against the deadly grip of Parkinson’s.

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