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As our aged loved ones grow older, they become more vulnerable to injuries and accidents that could make them bed-ridden for the rest of their lives. You or your family members might not always be around to keep an eye on them. Therefore, the best you could do for them is to hire a personal care assistant as he/she will make sure that your elderly loved one is safe and sound so you could relax and focus on your life. 1st Agency has some of the most professional and seasoned personal care assistants in Palm Beach that work in shifts based on your needs and preferences. Our 24-hour personal care assistant will always be with your aging loved one, making sure they receive quality personal care around the clock.

The Benefits Of A Personal Care Assistant

Most people assume that personal care assistants will be living in their house, but that isn’t true. They will be at the client’s house most of the time, making sure to tend to the needs of your loved ones while helping them in their daily activities. You and your elderly loved one will have complete peace of mind knowing that your personal care assistant will always be there to respond to any sort of emergencies while providing good company.

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Our Personal assistant will come to your place first thing in the morning, he/she will start by helping your loved ones with their morning routine – getting them out of bed, helping them bathing, brushing, getting dressed and making breakfast. They will also help with medication and light housekeeping. A personal care assistant is ideal for families who are out all day at work while their elderly loved ones are at home alone. Our personal care assistant will make sure to take good care of your loved ones while keeping them busy in healthy activities, so they don’t feel lonely.


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